Monday, April 27, 2009

Bear Lake!

New four wheeler = First trip of the season to Bear Lake! We love to just get away for a weekend and bear lake is our place of choice! We had 5 wheelers and 8 people! The mountian's were too muddy but the beach was great! The pictures tell it all! Saturday night everybody but mom and I were down at the docks fishing. Nan called me and told me that Vance had falled through one of them. He came back to the cabin and was in alot of pain but didn't want to go home so we waited until the morning and when we got back to ogden we went to the doctor. Nothing was broken just alot of squished muscle. Nedless to say he is getting better and has a HUGE bruise. 

Nan & I on the way up!

Me being my lovely, dorky self!

Les, Lance, Nan & Brett

Vance & his horns

Mom & Dad (mom didn't love the wheeler)


Vance climbing

Dad and one of his toys

The ance's!

The hole vance fell through


We had a great easter! Saturday before we went to vance's parents house for a party and an easter egg hunt for the kiddies! That night we had some friends over to color eggs. I honestly think it has been 10 years since i've done eggs and it was so fun! We then went to toads and played laser tag. I randomly pulled out my camera while tagging people and got some fun pics! Easter sunday Vance had to work :( but his forman let him come in early so he was off by 3:30 and we headed to brigham for some yummy food and family!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The new toy!