Sunday, March 7, 2010

Exciting news!

Vance and I are going to be sealed for time and all eternity in the Logan Utah Temple on April 24, 2010! :)

Catching up!

we are rather boring people! we have not been doing alot other than working hard and playing even harder! This winter we have made a few trips up to bear lake with our families to play in the snow. Vance was sad about having to sell his sled before we got married, but i think now that he has our four wheeler he enjoys it even more! its just a different kind of fun in the snow! Back in January we bought a new truck! :) Vance's nephew bought the the white 01 from us. he practically came and said he wanted it. so it was really nice not to have to try to sell it! Two days after we got the truck we went to bear lake with my family. We loaded our four wheeler onto it's trailer and put my dads in the bed of our truck and off we went. We had barley made it to Wellsville when we heard a huge bang and shattering glass. Vance though we had been hit, i just started to cry! My dads four wheeler had slid into the back of the truck and shattered the window....lets just say that a very long drive was ahead of us, but thanks to a good friend, and Technaglass the window was replaced by the next afternoon and looks better then when we got it!