Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home For Sale!

We are selling our east Ogden home! If you or anyone you know is interested please let me know! .... ....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been very bad this summer about keeping up the blog. It just seems like we never stop, between work and our mini vacations to Bear Lake to the cabin and finding time for our friends and families every other weekend we just don't stop! Today while i was at work Vance stayed home so we could recieve our new bedroom set! i have posted some pictures of it and will post some pictures of our other summer doings soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching up!

We have been crazy as ever the last month! We had some friends from texas come to stay and we took them up to bear lake. Then two weeks later we were off to California for my cousin Breanna's high school graduation! (for those of you who may think this odd, i come from a very small family and we support each other in EVERYTHING!) It was fun to take Vance to the part of Califonia that i come from. He'd been to San Diego before but never to the Bay Area. It was also fun to have him meet my Cousin's and Grandpa since he didn't get to meet them before we got married due to my Grandpa having open heart surgery two weeks before. We even got to San Francisco this trip and made it to Alcatraz for the fist time! We had a good vacation and were sad to leave our wonderful family, but we are glad to be home! 

My Grandpa Santos & my dad

Nan, my cousin Katie & I

Family Picture

Megan, Nan, Kristina, Katie & James


Vance found this in the NFL shop and thought it was fun!

Sea Lions

Miss Katie and her new shorter do! 
I'm sure the maid's loved cleaning up hair the next morning!

We bought Suesse this cookie at a doggie boutique in San Fran

Memorial day

Vance and i went for a ride with my parent's on Memorial day to go visit our families graves. We even made it to Lewiston to Vance's grandpa who recently passed away's home and got some good pictures to preserve the memories that Vance had as a child.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bear Lake!

New four wheeler = First trip of the season to Bear Lake! We love to just get away for a weekend and bear lake is our place of choice! We had 5 wheelers and 8 people! The mountian's were too muddy but the beach was great! The pictures tell it all! Saturday night everybody but mom and I were down at the docks fishing. Nan called me and told me that Vance had falled through one of them. He came back to the cabin and was in alot of pain but didn't want to go home so we waited until the morning and when we got back to ogden we went to the doctor. Nothing was broken just alot of squished muscle. Nedless to say he is getting better and has a HUGE bruise. 

Nan & I on the way up!

Me being my lovely, dorky self!

Les, Lance, Nan & Brett

Vance & his horns

Mom & Dad (mom didn't love the wheeler)


Vance climbing

Dad and one of his toys

The ance's!

The hole vance fell through


We had a great easter! Saturday before we went to vance's parents house for a party and an easter egg hunt for the kiddies! That night we had some friends over to color eggs. I honestly think it has been 10 years since i've done eggs and it was so fun! We then went to toads and played laser tag. I randomly pulled out my camera while tagging people and got some fun pics! Easter sunday Vance had to work :( but his forman let him come in early so he was off by 3:30 and we headed to brigham for some yummy food and family!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The new toy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day of Chaos!

I woke up friday  morning to my phone ringing and my sister on the other end saying "Permanent solution has a car in the front window!" Nice way to start off your day off! Ha! So Vance and i got up and threw ourselves together and drove up to Brigham. My biggest concern was if anybody was hurt and thankfully nobody was. I was also worried about the Cordner's since they were in draper with Kelsey at the temple for her big day! Everything worked out and we just ended up with a big mess and some plywood! The front of the store needed to be redone but not necessarially that way! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A goodbye to McKay Marler

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for the Marler family. Jeryl's father, Mckay, returned home to be with his wife. We are thankful that he gets to be with his wife and family again, but he will be missed!

i know it's blurry, but i love it. Grandpa Mckay always had on his Dickies,
 and a comb in his pocket.
Vance & his grandpa

we are so thankful that we got to see him a week before he passed.