Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hazen's Birth Story

My water broke around 6:45 a.m. on monday May 2, 2011. (38 weeks & 5 days) I had got out of bed and went to the bathroom and went and got back in bed. As i laid back down i felt liquid seeping out. I knew i had just gone potty so i woke up Vance and told him i though my water had broke. He had a second of panic and asked what we should do. I told him to call the hospital and see what they wanted us to do since i wasn't having any contractions i didn't know if we should wait or just get down there. The hospital wanted us to come down. I decided i wanted to get in the shower and do my hair and put on my makeup first! Ha. (I figured i wasn't in any hurry so i could at least feel like i looked decent!) While i was in the shower Vance notified everyone on facebook that my water had broke. Even before he called either of our parents! Nerd! When i was ready we grabbed our bags and went to my parent's house for dad and Vance to give me a blessing. Then off we went to the hospital. Once i checked in they hooked me up to my IV (which the darn nurse had to do twice and left a nice little puddle of blood on me and the floor) and a monitor for the baby. Dr. Alejo came in and said that he knew i was there and that he would be back to deliver me. (It was a good thing that i went into labor since he had canceled clinic that day due to his wife having a baby the day before. I would have missed my appointment with him that night at 6:40) Every thing looked good and i was moved to a room for the long haul. I was hooked up to pitocin and i received my epidural once i was dilated to about 5cm. (If i didn't get it then i would have to wait until the triplets down the hall were born since the anesthesiologist would be with them) Things progressed quite nicely and i was quite happy with my Ipad and my phone. :] Sometime near the end i started feeling a pain almost like a charlie horse just below my right butt cheek. We decided that i was feeling contractions there since every time i said it hurt i was having one. The epidural was starting to wear off a little bit since I hadn't been pushing my epi button at all. So the nurses told me to start pushing it every 5 min to get ahead of the pain. I pushed it until i was at my max and could still feel the contractions. The nurses finally had the anesthesiologist come in and give me the booster to my epi and away my pain went. When i was finally dilated to a 10 i sat there for and hour and a half. (rest and descent is the way to go for all of you out there having babies! It made my delivery so easy!) The nurse came in and had me start pushing. I pushed through two contractions and she had me stop so she could get the doctor. Dr. Alejo came in and i pushed for three more contractions. (Hazen's umbilical cord was wrapped around his little neck, but Dr. Alejo just unlooped it and things were as good as new!) Exactly 12 hours after my water broke, at 6:45 p.m. Hazen was born. A beautiful healthy little boy. weighing 7lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. We love him more than words can express!

(these pictures are from 3 different cameras so the pictures are different sizes)

Monday, June 27, 2011

New House

We sold our home in Ogden in July of 2010, and moved in with my parents. We had found a house that we thought we loved in Brigham. It was in the North 40 sub division and it seemed perfect! The bad thing was that it was a short sale. After months of waiting, looking at other houses and finding nothing that we wanted, we gave up on the short sale. We decided to build. I have never wanted to build a house. Yes, the thought of having everything new and how i wanted it sounded splendid, but the stress and drama that comes with it i didn't want. (I had been told by numerous people that it was awful to build a house!) We had heard from some friends about Sierra Homes and the wonderful job that they do and we decided to build with them! We choose all of our details and building began. We moved into our new home in February 2011!

Good Bye to our old home!

Hello to our New...


I am trying to do a little (or alot) of catch up. lets start at the beginning. We had been trying to get pregnant for 9 long months and i had been on fertility medicine for 4 of them. We had monthly visits to the doctor to try to narrow down the right "time" to get pregnant since i have never had a normal cycle. In august I was about a month "late" but didn't want to take a test. since the last 9 months had been full of negatives. I gave in and bought some tests one night and decided i would wait until morning to take them. I hadn't told Vance, because i didn't want him to have to assure me that things would be okay one more time, or tell me that it would happen when it was suppose to. He had alot more faith that things would work out than i did. I just worried! So i got up the next morning and took a test. I sat it on the counter and got in the shower sure that it would read negative. I walked over to the counter and read the results and to my absolute surprise it said Pregnant! I think i about passed out!

I went back to our room and woke up Vance to tell him the news. (any of you who have been around Vance when he is trying to wake up will appreciate this) He groggily said..."What? are you serious? we better get you to a doctor!" he then fell right back to sleep. I was overly excited. We were living with my parents and decided we wouldn't tell anyone until we were 12 weeks along. That plan didn't last long since i got the worst morning sickness! Even with my disease (as i like to call it) we still kept it a secret until October 1 (my parent's anniversary) when we told them while in Park City for confrence weekend. We told Vance's family and all of our friends on Halloween!