Monday, June 27, 2011


I am trying to do a little (or alot) of catch up. lets start at the beginning. We had been trying to get pregnant for 9 long months and i had been on fertility medicine for 4 of them. We had monthly visits to the doctor to try to narrow down the right "time" to get pregnant since i have never had a normal cycle. In august I was about a month "late" but didn't want to take a test. since the last 9 months had been full of negatives. I gave in and bought some tests one night and decided i would wait until morning to take them. I hadn't told Vance, because i didn't want him to have to assure me that things would be okay one more time, or tell me that it would happen when it was suppose to. He had alot more faith that things would work out than i did. I just worried! So i got up the next morning and took a test. I sat it on the counter and got in the shower sure that it would read negative. I walked over to the counter and read the results and to my absolute surprise it said Pregnant! I think i about passed out!

I went back to our room and woke up Vance to tell him the news. (any of you who have been around Vance when he is trying to wake up will appreciate this) He groggily said..."What? are you serious? we better get you to a doctor!" he then fell right back to sleep. I was overly excited. We were living with my parents and decided we wouldn't tell anyone until we were 12 weeks along. That plan didn't last long since i got the worst morning sickness! Even with my disease (as i like to call it) we still kept it a secret until October 1 (my parent's anniversary) when we told them while in Park City for confrence weekend. We told Vance's family and all of our friends on Halloween!