Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day of Chaos!

I woke up friday  morning to my phone ringing and my sister on the other end saying "Permanent solution has a car in the front window!" Nice way to start off your day off! Ha! So Vance and i got up and threw ourselves together and drove up to Brigham. My biggest concern was if anybody was hurt and thankfully nobody was. I was also worried about the Cordner's since they were in draper with Kelsey at the temple for her big day! Everything worked out and we just ended up with a big mess and some plywood! The front of the store needed to be redone but not necessarially that way! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A goodbye to McKay Marler

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for the Marler family. Jeryl's father, Mckay, returned home to be with his wife. We are thankful that he gets to be with his wife and family again, but he will be missed!

i know it's blurry, but i love it. Grandpa Mckay always had on his Dickies,
 and a comb in his pocket.
Vance & his grandpa

we are so thankful that we got to see him a week before he passed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hair Cuts!

Vance had be growin out his hair for about 4 months. i hated it but let him do his own thing because i do my own thing with mine. I HATED it, but stood by my word that it was his decision what he wanted to do with it. a couple of weeks ago i came home from work and he told me he wanted a haircut. i just about passed out! ha The next day he came to brigham to the salon with me and we cut it off! i now have my handsome husband back! Last friday i got a wild hair and decided i was going to cut all of my hair off as well. I had been growing it out for about 8 months. I've decided that i always just grow my hair out to cut it all off again. I don't like long hair on me, but can never seem to remember that! So i had Jess cut it off and I LOVE it! Thanks Jess!
us being can see vance's mop here! :)
Handsome Vance with his short hair! (me with my longer hair) 
My long hair (the braid is for you Jess! ha)
New do front
Cute stacked back!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Filled week....

On monday vance got a phone call from a friend to see if he wanted some free tickets to the Jazz game that night, of course we jumped at the opportunity! (4th row!) We took my mom and sister and had a great time! 

On Thursday Night Tiff Tiff and I went to see Rascal Flatts! What a great concert! I absolutly loved it! I'm going to take Vance to it next year!