Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 months & Blessing!

Happy 4th of July! We celebrated with some friends that invited us to a BBQ at their home and had a great time! We then watched the BC fireworks from the street in front of our house. I was surprised at how much we could see! It was a fun and quiet 4th for us!

Festive little Hazer bug!

On June 26th Vance blessed our little guy. Vance gave him a wonderful blessing. We blessed him a week earlier than we had originally planned since it was a holiday weekend and some of our family would be out of town then. Vance's uncle Kent was in town from Arizona so it all worked out perfectly! It was pretty neat to see all of our friends a family who love and support us! We had a fun little party after the blessing at my grandma's house!

Hazen is now 2 months old! Time has seriously flown by so quickly for me. It's hard for me to think that i will be returning to work next week. I'm excited to see my clients. I love my career, but i have enjoyed staying home with my little man for the last 9 weeks! Hazen got to go swimming in grandpa Santos' pool for his 2 month party! He loved it. he was so content and happy to be in the water!
Hazer and Daddy swimmin!
Cute lil dudes smile <3

We took Hazen in today for his 2 month cheek-up and shots. I didn't think i would have a hard time with his shots since he did really well when he got circumcised. I was with him then and he only cried when he didn't have his bink in his mouth. When he got his shots today though he looked at me with the saddest face before screaming and i burst into tears. Vance did as well....because he was laughing so hard at me crying! (Mean daddy! ;] ) Hazen was fine as soon as i picked him up. He was super happy when we got home and has done great this evening. Hopefully things continue to go smoothly tonight! Wish us luck!

Hazen's 2 Months Stats!
Weight: 12.3 lbs (60%)
Lenght: 24 inches (75%)
Head: 40.5 cm (55%)
(he doens't have my huge noggin after all!)

We sure love our Little Guy!



it's so fun our little dudes are so close in age (and weight, haha!) when i first glanced at that first picture of Hazen, i thought he looked like Graham. what cute boys we have :) glad you guys had a fun 4th.

p.s. shots are the worst! you feel so bad for them huh? i wanted to cry too. he just looked at me like, "you betrayed me mom..." good luck. Graham was pretty darn fussy at night for a few days. i hope Hazen does good.

Keith, Heather and Carsen

We are soooo sorry we weren't able to be there for the blessing! That just happened to be the day the Keith was the only member of the bishopric in town for Sunday and had to do everything by himself and didn't get done in time! I'm so sorry! We still love you guys! so happy it was a great day for you guys!!